‘Lila Findling’


Full nameTradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Lila Findling’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Registered by Stade & Findling (2003).

Also known as:
OriginsOrigins documented by Stade & Findling (2003). Found as a chance seedling in 1994, selected, named, and introduced by Helmut Stade and Petra Findling.
ClassificationLike other hardy garden hybrids, it is now placed in the Andersoniana Group. These hybrids are sometimes mislabelled as Tradescantia virginiana or the invalid botanical hybrid Tradescantia × andersoniana.
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityAvailable from a small number of nurseries in Europe.


Described by Stade & Findling (2003).

Cultivar groupTradescantia Andersoniana Group.
Growth habitUpright and bushy. 50cm high.
FlowersViolet. 4-5cm wide. Very profuse.


Stade, H. & Findling, P. (2003). International Hardy Plant Union Journal.