I’m Avery Rowe (he or they), I’m an independent researcher and tradescantia specialist in the UK.

My main area of interest is the cultivation history of tropical tradescantias. I’m the international cultivar registration authority for the genus, and I maintain the first ever official cultivar checklist.

I hold the National Plant Collection of tender Tradescantia cultivars, which is constantly growing.

Part of holding a collection is propagating and distributing plants, which I do through my small-scale nursery. The money from sales helps fund my research and ICRA work, which I don’t get paid for! You can also support me by donating via PayPal.

I always love finding new information and helping people understand my research! If you want to share any interesting sources, or ask questions about any of my work, feel free to get in touch.

Wall of metal shelves filled with tradescantia plants. A tortoiseshell cat sits on the floor looking towards the camera.