‘Vermont Ruby’


Full nameTradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Vermont Ruby’.
Name statusEstablished but questionable, it may refer to a unique cultivar or may be a synonym for Tradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Ruby’.

Published with a description by Mitchell Nurseries (1946, p. 55).

The name most likely refers to ‘Ruby’, but there is not enough information to definitively link it to any plant known today. The name is established and treated as lost or an unknown synonym.
ClassificationLike other hardy garden hybrids, it is now placed in the Andersoniana Group. These hybrids are sometimes mislabelled as Tradescantia virginiana or the invalid botanical hybrid Tradescantia × andersoniana.
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityProbably lost from cultivation, it has not been documented since its first publication (Mitchell Nurseries, 1946, p. 55).


Described by Mitchell Nurseries (1946, p. 55).

Cultivar groupTradescantia Andersoniana Group.


Mitchell Nurseries. (1946). Catalogue and Price List. Internet Archive link.