‘Shadow Hill’


Full nameTradescantia pallida ‘Shadow Hill’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Established by Hillplant B.V. (2003). Because it is a legal protection registration, the name is established (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 27.5).

Also known as:
OriginsMutation from Tradescantia pallida ‘Purpurea’ (Hillplant B.V., 2003).
ClassificationThe species Tradescantia pallida is sometimes labelled with its botanical synonyms Setcreasea pallida and Setcreasea purpurea.
Legal protectionPreviously registered for plant breeder’s rights in the Netherlands, but surrendered in 2004 (Hillplant B.V., 2003).
AvailabilityAvailable occasionally from collectors and specialists.


Described with reference to the RHS Colour Chart (6th Edition; 2019 reprint).

SpeciesTradescantia pallida.
Growth habitStems are initially upright, but start to sprawl and trail as they get longer.
FoliageLeaves are long pointed ovals. The top surface is dark greyish purple, and the underside is lighter grey.
FlowersPetals are light purple (76A) or light reddish purple (N75A), sometimes with paler streaks.


Hillplant B.V. (2003, January 21). Tradescantia ‘Shadow Hill’ [Netherlands plant breeder’s rights registration 20721]. Community Plant Variety Office. Registration document link.

Brickell, C. D., Alexander, C., Cubey, J. J., David, J. C., Hoffman, M. H. A., Leslie, A. C., Malécot, V., Jin, X. (2016). International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. PDF link.