Full nameTradescantia cerinthoides ‘Limelight’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

This newly-registered name is accepted and will be established once published in hardcopy (Brickell et al., 2016, Art 27.1).

Also known as:
OriginsUnknown. Named by Peppermint.
ClassificationThe species Tradescantia cerinthoides is sometimes labelled with its botanical synonym Tradescantia blossfeldiana.
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityAvailable from some specialists and collectors.


SpeciesTradescantia cerinthoides.
Growth habitStrong stems which grow fairly upright at first, but will sprawl and trail when they become too long to support their own weight.
FoliageNew leaves are bright gold striped with green, and fade to uniform green with age. Stems and leaf undersides are dark pink. Hairless all over except for a few hairs at the top of the leaf sheaths.
FlowersWhite petals with pink edges, typical for the species. Not very common when grown indoors.


Brickell, C. D., Alexander, C., Cubey, J. J., David, J. C., Hoffman, M. H. A., Leslie, A. C., Malécot, V., Jin, X. (2016). International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. PDF link.