Correct nameTradescantia fluminensis ‘Lavender’.
Name statusEstablished synonym, another published name for the cultivar Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Lavender’.

Established with a description in “Tradescantia Laekenensis” (1908).

Two publications in the following years, Möller (1909, p. 470-471) and Schmidt (1914, p. 125), contain photos suitable to identify tthe plant. The accepted name for the cultivar is now the more widely-used ‘Lavender’.

The name has been misspelled in many different ways:
  • ‘Laekeneana’ (Schmidt, 1914, p. 125).’Leckenensii’ (Foerster, 1938, p. 106).’Laekensis’ (Fischer, 1960, p. 130).
Not to be confused with:


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