‘JS Brainstorm’


Full nameTradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘JS Brainstorm’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Named and described by Spruyt Select G.C.V. (2022). No hardcopy publication has been found, so the name is accepted and will be established once published (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 27.1).
ClassificationLike other hardy garden hybrids, it is now placed in the Andersoniana Group. These hybrids are sometimes mislabelled as Tradescantia virginiana or the invalid botanical hybrid Tradescantia × andersoniana.
Legal protectionNone, but currently under application for protection in the EU (Spruyt Select G.C.V, 2022).
AvailabilityOnly found for sale by the originator (, 2022).


Described by (2022).

SpeciesTradescantia Andersoniana Group.
Growth habit40cm high.
FoliageDark leaves.
FlowersPink-purple petals


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Spruyt Select G.C.V. (2022, July 5). Tradescantia virginiana ‘JS Brainstorm’ [EU plant breeder’s rights application 20221659]. Community Plant Variety Office. Application document link. (2022). Tradescantia ‘JS Brainstorm’ PBR. Internet Archive link.