‘Double Trouble’


Full nameTradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Double Trouble’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Established with a description by Plant Delights (1998, p. 52).
OriginsSeedling from Tradescantia (Andersoniana Group) ‘Zwanenburg Blue’, selected and named some time before 1996 by Kevin Vaughn (personal correspondence, January 2022).
ClassificationLike other hardy garden hybrids, it is now placed in the Andersoniana Group. These hybrids are sometimes mislabelled as Tradescantia virginiana or the invalid botanical hybrid Tradescantia × andersoniana.
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityRare or lost in cultivation, it was last listed for sale by Royal Horticultural Society (2000, p. 718).


Described based on Plant Delights (1998, p. 52) and Kevin Vaughn (personal correspondence, January 2022), with reference to the RHS Colour Chart.

Cultivar groupTradescantia Andersoniana Group.
FlowersLarge, strong purplish blue (96C), sometimes with double petals.


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