Full nameTradescantia virginiana ‘Congesta’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Established by Moench (1794, p. 238). Because it was published before 1959, the Latin name can be accepted (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 21.11).

It was originally spelled ‘Congestum’, but the grammatical gender is corrected to match the genus (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 21.8).
ClassificationOriginally published as the species Ephemerum congestum (Moench, 1794, p. 238). This is now considered a botanical synonym for Tradescantia virginiana (POWO, 2022), so the plant is treated as a cultivar with the same name (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 21.5).
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityProbably lost from cultivation, it was last documented in a specimen at the RHS Wisley Herbarium (“Tradescantia virginiana”, 1953).


Described by Loudon (1839, p. 601) and Bailey (1917, p. 3364).

SpeciesTradescantia virginiana.
FlowersCrowded, purple.


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