Full nameTradescantia virginiana ‘Brevicaulis’.
Name statusAccepted, the valid name for a unique cultivar.

Established with a description by Rafinesque (1832, p. 150). Because it was published before 1959, the name is Latin form can be accepted (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 21.11).
ClassificationOriginally published as the species Tradescantia brevicaulis (Rafinesque, 1832, p. 150). This is now considered a botanical synonym for Tradescantia virginiana (POWO, 2022), so it is now treated as a cultivar of the species with the same name (Brickell et al., 2016, Art. 2.4).
Legal protectionNone.
AvailabilityAvailable from many nurseries.


Described by Rafinesque (1832, p. 150).

SpeciesTradescantia virginiana.
Growth habitSmall, stem only 7-15cm long.
FoliageLong narrow leaves.
FlowersSmall and blue.


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