National Collection

I hold the National Plant Collection of tender Tradescantia cultivars, accredited by Plant Heritage. The collection is held at my home in Machynlleth, Powys in West Wales. I grow some of the plants indoors and in an unheated conservatory year-round, and some of them outdoors during the summer.

Part of holding a National Collection is making it available for the public to view. This year, I’m holding an open day on 16th September 2023. Keep an eye on the mailing list and social media to get updates about that and future events!

Outside of the Tradescantia National Collection, I also grow a range of other tropical Commelinaceae cultivars – and I’m always looking for more. You can check out the plant list to see everything I currently grow. There are also some plants I’m still trying to find – can you help me get them?

As part of my collection, I propagate extra plants and sell them for delivery or local collection. I aim to make my environmental impact as small as possible. So I grow all the plants right here, and never import from wholesalers. I never use peat, use pesticides only indoors and when unavoidable, and focus on recycled and/or recyclable packaging.