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I’m currently provisional National Collection holder for tropical Tradescantia cultivars with Plant Heritage. I have an ever-growing collection of Tradescantia and other Commelinaceae cultivars – you can see the full list of plants I currently have. There are also some plants I’m still trying to find – can you help me get them?

As part of my collection, I propagate extra plants and sell them by delivery to the UK. I aim to make my environmental impact as small as possible. So I grow all the plants right here, and never import from wholesalers. I never use peat, use pesticides only when unavoidable, and use all recycled and/or recyclable packaging.

Wanted plants

This is a list of plants I’m on the hunt for to add to the collection. Can you help me get hold of them in the UK? Please get in touch!

  • T. cerinthoides ‘Variegata’ (Note this is a different plant from both ‘Nanouk’/’Lilac’ and ‘Pink Furry’!).
  • T. pallida ‘Green Moon’.
  • Callisia fragrans unnamed variegated cultivar (Not ‘Melnikoff’ or ‘Infinity’).
  • Commelina tuberosa ‘Hopleys Variegated’.
  • Cyanotis ‘Tampicana’.
  • Cyanotis ‘Parrot’s Beak’.
  • Murdannia ‘Variegated Bright Star’.
  • Geogenanthus ‘Santi’.
  • Dichorisandra musaica (synonym D. reginae).
  • Palisota barteri unnamed variegated cultivar.
  • Aneilema or Rhhopalephora unnamed variegated cultivar.

Plant list

This is a list of all the plants I currently have in my collection. Any of these plants should eventually, occasionally be available to buy in the UK – you can check current stock on Etsy.

  • C. fragrans ‘Melnikoff’
  • C. fragrans ‘Infinity’
  • C. gentlei var. elegans
  • C. gentlei var. macdougallii
  • C. repens ‘Green Turtle’
  • C. repens ‘Bianca’
  • C. repens ‘Gold’
  • C. repens ‘Gold Variegated’
  • C. repens ‘Kribo’
  • C. repens ‘Rosato’
  • C. serrulata ‘Purple Scimitars’
  • C. soconuscensis
  • C. soconuscensis ‘Variegata’
Callisia repens ‘Rosato’ and ‘Gold’
  • C. ciliata ‘Hijau Baru’
  • C. villosa
  • C. ceylanica
  • C. beddomei ‘Teddy Bear Vine’
  • G. ‘Jose Puig’
  • G. pellucida ‘Tahitian Bridal Veil’
  • G. pellucida ‘Tricolour’
  • G. ciliatus
  • G. ‘Pastaza’
  • M. ‘Bright Star’
  • M. acutifolia ‘Variegata’
  • T. pringlei ‘Forme Claire’
  • T. pringlei ‘Variegata’
Gibasis ‘Jose Puig’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Albovittata’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Angel Wings’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Ivory Hill’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Pink Clone’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Pink Dragon’ (EU)
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Pink Dragon’ (US)
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Mini Pink’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Pink Lilac’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Unicorn’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘White Giant’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘White Pink’
  • T. (Continental Group) Sweetness (‘EC-TRADE-2011’)
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Sweet Tabby’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Tenderness’
  • T. (Continental Group) ‘Gelfling’
  • T. ‘Pink Hill’
  • T. ‘Pale Puma’
  • T. Roxxo (‘DRATRA01’)
  • T. ‘Maiden’s Blush’
  • T. cerinthoides ‘Limelight’
  • T. cerinthoides ‘Green Nanouk’
  • T. cerinthoides ‘Nanouk’
  • T. cerinthoides ‘Pink Furry’
  • T. cerinthoides ‘Red Hill’
  • T. chrysophylla ‘Baby Bunny Bellies’
  • T. chrysophylla variegated
  • T. fluminensis ‘Bicolor’
  • T. fluminensis ‘Viridis’
  • T. fluminensis ‘Aurea’
  • T. fluminensis ‘Lavender’
  • T. fluminensis ‘Variegata’
  • T. fluminensis ‘Yellow Hill’
  • T. hirta ‘Swifttale’
  • T. mundula ‘Green Hill’
  • T. mundula ‘Lisa’
  • T. mundula ‘Fairy Wings’
  • T. pallida ‘Shadow Hill’
  • T. pallida ‘Blue Sue’
  • T. pallida ‘Kartuz Giant’
  • T. pallida ‘Ocampo White’
  • T. pallida ‘Pink Stripe’
  • T. pallida ‘Purple Pixie’
  • T. pallida ‘Purpurea’
  • T. pallida (unnamed “buckleyi”)
  • T. sillamontana ‘Gold Stripes’
  • T. spathacea ‘Dwarf’
  • T. spathacea Sitara Gold (‘HANSOTI02’)
  • T. spathacea ‘Sitara’
  • T. spathacea ‘Vittata’
  • T. spathacea ‘Cream’
  • T. spathacea ‘Concolor’
  • T. zanonia ‘Mexican Flag’
  • T. zebrina ‘Burgundy’
  • T. zebrina ‘HappiLee’
  • T. zebrina ‘Deep Purple’
  • T. zebrina ‘Discolor’
  • T. zebrina ‘Discolor Multicolor’
  • T. zebrina ‘Evanesce’
  • T. zebrina ‘Silver Smudge’
  • T. zebrina ‘Flame Dance’
  • T. zebrina ‘Purpusii’
  • T. zebrina ‘Quadricolor’
  • T. zebrina ‘Little Hill’
  • T. zebrina ‘Leprechaun’
  • T. zebrina ‘Minima’
  • T. zebrina ‘Violet Hill’
  • T. zebrina ‘Tikal’
  • T. zebrina ‘Purple Plush’
Tradescantia zebrina ‘HappiLee’