My work elsewhere

I’ve done some writing and speaking that’s not directly published on this website. This page is a collection of links and information about where to find it.

On The Ledge podcast (20th May 2022)

Jane Perrone interviewed me for Episode 223 of her podcast On The Ledge. We talked about tradescantia history, science, care tips, and my cultivar naming research. Listen online here.

RHS Bursary report (October 2022)

The RHS Coke Trust bursary helped fund my research with a trip to the Lindley Library and a full colour chart. My full report goes into detail about the entire process of my cultivar research and compiling the checklist. View online here.

The Plant Review article (March 2023)

I wrote an article for the March 2023 edition of RHS journal The Plant Review. The article summarises the process of my cultivar research and my ICRA work, with some interesting stories and photos. Subscribe to The Plant Review here.